Friday, February 22, 2008

I am moving on...

Ok kiddos... so I have mentioned how I dislike Blogger (hate is such a strong word, lol). So I just created my blog back over at Typepad. I need to do a bit more tweaking but it's there for now.

Make sure you change my blog link in your bookmarks, your list on your blog and your bloglines!!!

Here's the link: My NEW Blog!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Q's about my hair lately...

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So I have had some questions about my hair lately and what I use in it as far as products so here's a riveting post just about my hair! Bwahahahaha

My hair is thick and I have a lot of it, but it's not really course. I just posted to someone else what I use, here ya go:

I have used their shampoo and conditioner:

But am currently using:

Here's my steps...
1. Shampoo and conditioner
2. Towel dry, just a tad. I don't like it to get too dry. Then I comb it out with a wide toothed comb.
3. I spray in the spiral spray gel and scrunch with my hands.
4. Spray in just a touch of the reactivator while hanging my head upside down. LOL
5. Put the Big Sexy hair stuff in (a couple nickel sized drops).
6. Then blow dry with a diffuser hanging upside down on low and scrunching with my hands.

Have you ever did a quickie?

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Ok gonna try to do a quick blog post.... bwahahahaha! {gulp}

The weather...
First off, it is raining cats and dogs here man! Zoiks! But I love it, we don't get enough round these parts.
Check it out!

Name Change...
Well as much as I was "Zoe Jane" to be my name... husband had a hissy. But that doesn't mean this is over. LOL Have you ever looked to see what your name means? Look here!

You like you some oatmeal?...
I LOVE oatmeal, love love love it! I prefer it to have a little texture and not so mushy, but I came across an overnight crockpot oatmeal recipe last night and thought I would give it a shot. This morning I walked downstairs to fresh brewed coffee and yummy pipin' hot oatmeal. It was actually really good, but a bit on the mushy side. It has apples and cinnamon in it! YUM!

My darn nose...
Ok, check this out. So I want to get my nose pierced and thought I would glue a little bling to my nostril and see how it looked. What do you think? I want one smaller than that though. You know the kind where you really have to take a double look to see if it's really there.
Loaded a couple new bags...
Into my shop this morning and am about to do one more. Take a looky...Ps... pardon all the jacked up sizes of fonts... Blogger! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's up for today...Sorry Rosie!, Family shot... Giganto mess shot...

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Ahhhhh another day...

So what's in store for Wendy today? Let's run down the list:
  1. Run to grocery store (quick pick up)
  2. Change out of pajamas (oh yeah, ok, this should be #1)
  3. Start (sorry, I would share the recipe, but it's an ancient chinese secret) baking chocolate chip cookies
  4. Round 2 of baking... start baking blueberry muffins
  5. By this time no doubt I will have to pick Shon up from school
  6. Bust some butt on the bags that are nearly finished so I can get them up in my shop. Ahhhhh there's some way cute new designs on the bags. I can't wait to share.
  7. Dinner... tonight is probably going to be Baked Ziti which ummm... yeah not so great for me working out but I have a bit of a fondness for mozzarella and pasta! (I changed up that recipe a tad.)
  8. 7:00p off to the gym. Hubby joined last night and they are giving him his little tour tonight so we have to go a wee big later. :( Crap!
Oh and this little goody is back up for sale (The sale fell through. :( )Click on image to see it larger.

I just have to say and pardon me if y'all are getting tired of reading about my gym workout but all I want to say is...

Ok, done. Well wait... I finally remembered what the heck the name of the qym equipment is so I can show you what I do. Are you interested? Probably not but you can scroll past this part if you really care less about me getting fit, which you probably should care cause I think if you are reading this that means you might like me and if you like me then you want me to be healthier and in shape. Am I Right? bwahahahahahaha
Ok fine whatever so the site only has the eliptical and treadmills on there so if you are so inclined you can see them here... Precor. The treadmills have their own T.V.'s. Sweet!

Family Shoot...
Yesterday I said "Hey, let's do a quick family shoot!" (OMGosh, I kill myself... you HAVE to click on the family shoot link. It's a family of.... can you guess? LOL) Grumble grumble (Shon)... Shut it and let's go outside! (teee hee hee that was me). When I said quick... I didn't mean QUICK. But it was short lived. Managed to get a couple good shots (well more than this but this is what I am sharing).Click on images to see them larger.

The Mess...
And now on to my mess... Mind you it was cleaned spic and span just recently, but when I get in here and start working it just gets crazy! So here's a few pics of where I am when I am working on my bags, jewelry and scrapbooking.Of course I blurred out the new designs on my bags. LOL Can't share yet!
Picked up one of these puppies and LOVE it!
Click on images to see them larger.

What did it ever do to me?
Sorry Blogger... but you and I can't be friends. Can I say how much I dislike Blogger? Grrrrrrr! Seriously tempted to move on to another host. My last blog was on Typepad and I miss it badly. Lot's of little Blogger things I don't like. Hmmmmmm... CRAP!

The whole name change thing...
Oh and yes, I am "VERY" serious about changing my name. I really have wanted to do it for so long. Eak! It's a big step. Kinda wierd huh? My Mom changed her name though and she survived. Wanna know what my husband said? First he said I was crazy, then he said... Well you get to sit at the social security office on your own then. LOL He had to go get Shons replacement SS card and it took 6 hours! LOL Ok, I know I shouldn't laugh, but it's funny.... right?

Monday, February 18, 2008

So I didn't blog on Sat and Sun...

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But I am today.

Happy President's Day!

I did pretty much nothing over the weekend. Isn't that sad? I did the gym and that's about it. Today consisted of getting up, rolling on downstairs and hangin' on the couch watching my cooking shows, then I hit the gym, grocery shopping, home to feel so pooped, nap on the couch, dinner and back on the couch with my puter on wireless net to say "HEY" to you all!

So let's see...
Today was day 5 at the gym. I seriously busted it out. I didn't do as much cardio as I have but I did some extra weight machines. Is it weird that I already see a difference? Especially in my legs and butt. Although, pulling my jeans on today was a feat in itself! Seriously... I am trying to get in shape not buy bigger jeans. PLUS the fact that my arms are so sore I could barely pull them on just from that. Ha ha ha! Remember when I said... booty has got to start rising towards the days sun... well I think it actually is! After only 5 days of working out it's getting there. I am so excited! I took measurements the other day so I could keep track and have decided to only do them once a month. The weight I am not worried about because muscle weighs more than fat, so I am not going to sweat that.

Snaps... I had a little eye candy at the gym again today. Not one of the trainers, but a fireman! (trust me, you WANT to click on the fireman link!) Yum-O! Man, there is something about them.

Oh and I just wanted to add.. can someone tell me WHY when I bend over to blow dry my hair my stomach looks like a Sharpei dog staring back at me? Cruel cruel joke!

On another note... my hubby hooked my wireless internet back up. THANK YOU! I was getting bummed I couldn't check in on things very easily from my craft room because my computer was downstairs. Now I can go anywhere! Whoot whoot!

What are you all doing today?
My plans... finish a necklace for a customer, start a special request bag for a customer and hopefully bust out some new ones to post tonight or tomorrow. I need to sell sell sell! It's hard going from working and making extra moola to not making the moola. Shucks! We also plan on taking some pictures today. I really need some to scrapbook in a bad way. That will be great to actually scrap again. I sooooooo love being creative!

And... my name... been thinking..
About changing my name. Yeah I know! I have always disliked it for many reasons. Here's a few I have in mind:

and that's it. LOL I can't think of any other ones off the top of my head. But my family (husband and son) think I am whacked but hey... it's my name and if i want to do it I can. Right?