Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh boy, could it be...

That Shon is old enough to drive? Yesterday was the day.... a mere hour at the DMV and Shon now has his drivers permit.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

After a very busy 8 months...

I am starting up a blog again. Not likely to do a lot of posting on it, but will do my best. The last 8 months I have spent trucking Shon around to all his cross country practices and meets, working (a temp job), falling in love with my co-workers along with taking care of things around the house. I have decided it's about time I start up my "Sweet Me Designs" business. Also a wee bit about where I am with my scrapping. So let's start at the beginning...

I need to start by saying, "I am sorry"... sorry to all my friends I have lost touch with. All my friends I have neglected. Everything in my life that I put on the back burner! As organized and Martha Stewart Jr. I am I just can never seem to hold up my life in that fashion. Crafts and cleanliness = yes, life = no. I have always been that way! I can't manage being addicted to more that one craft thing either. I don't know what's wrong with me! I DON'T, but I wish I did. I miss all of you and YOU are part of my plan for the New Year. I am going to make a better effort in trying to manage my time, manage my life. So here's to a New Year!!!

Cross-country... I have to say we are so proud of Shon! He has always been anything but athletic and a total gamer but he really has come out of his shell and proved that he will give things a shot even when he is faced with starting it alone. He started practices in June 2007 (gosh it's been that long?). CRAZY!
This is a shot from the beginning of his practices. He has come a LONG way it's just amazing! He's shaved some serious time off of his mile and is actually gaining a bit of muscle. But of course he is still skinny as all heck! LOL His final race with the team was at the end of October in Walnut California. He didn't medal, but he sure did a fantastic job! Never would he have thought he could have completed a course like that one. The next day we all went to Venice Beach. That's an experience in itself!!!

It's the largest cross-country race in the world! Over 20,000 runners with races starting every 8 minutes over 3 days. Just amazing!!! Shon took a break for a wee bit after the season and has starting running club with his coach. YAY Shon! On another note... Santa brought Shon a guitar for Christmas this year so he has been learning on that. :)

Just a temporary job... In May I started a temporary position for a point-of-sale company. It was meant to last a mere couple weeks but I ended up staying for 8 months. It was amazing! The experience (I worked in the human resources office), the people, just the work in general. It was really right up my alley. But alas, the company was purchased in June and they have been cutting people right and left. I was lucky to have stayed as long as I did being that I was a temp. I'll sure miss everyone! On a lighter note they are having a "Fired" party for me, LOL:
Starting up again... I am starting up my business again that I have put on hold. My Sweet Me Designs handbags along with some other goodies. I have decided to test my craftiness and see what I can do. As long as I can pull that off you can expect to see something else added to my store. I have also decided to close my web-site for the time being and just post my products at It's more convenient to update for me right now while I am trying to get things rolling again. I have new bag designs too! Yay! If you want to subscribe to my newsletter (this is where I will post updates on where I am at in my creations and when new ones will be up for sale.) you can do so by going to this link
Scroll down to the bottom and click sign up link. I will also be posting a little Etsy Mini to the right on my blog after I get it set up. There you will be able to see little images of what's in my Etsy store and with one click can go there to purchase. :)

Oh boy, scrapping... Eak! All my poor scrapping goods! I haven't scrapped in... well... I am not even going to say BUT I am trying to get back up on that horse again too. I miss it, but not as much as I thought I would. Maybe I have burned myself out... maybe it's because I haven't taken much for pictures... maybe I lost my design bug. However I plan on getting into that again. I have to for my design teams!!! So I have decided to pick a day this week and get on my computer and just print pictures. A LOT of pictures in all difference sizes. That way when I have a moment I can just sit down and grab one and go for it. No thinking about print sizes. I just plan on using the ones I print and testing myself. I have a feeling my style has changed a wee bit but only time and a few layouts will tell! LOL