Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's up for today...Sorry Rosie!, Family shot... Giganto mess shot...

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Ahhhhh another day...

So what's in store for Wendy today? Let's run down the list:
  1. Run to grocery store (quick pick up)
  2. Change out of pajamas (oh yeah, ok, this should be #1)
  3. Start (sorry, I would share the recipe, but it's an ancient chinese secret) baking chocolate chip cookies
  4. Round 2 of baking... start baking blueberry muffins
  5. By this time no doubt I will have to pick Shon up from school
  6. Bust some butt on the bags that are nearly finished so I can get them up in my shop. Ahhhhh there's some way cute new designs on the bags. I can't wait to share.
  7. Dinner... tonight is probably going to be Baked Ziti which ummm... yeah not so great for me working out but I have a bit of a fondness for mozzarella and pasta! (I changed up that recipe a tad.)
  8. 7:00p off to the gym. Hubby joined last night and they are giving him his little tour tonight so we have to go a wee big later. :( Crap!
Oh and this little goody is back up for sale (The sale fell through. :( )Click on image to see it larger.

I just have to say and pardon me if y'all are getting tired of reading about my gym workout but all I want to say is...

Ok, done. Well wait... I finally remembered what the heck the name of the qym equipment is so I can show you what I do. Are you interested? Probably not but you can scroll past this part if you really care less about me getting fit, which you probably should care cause I think if you are reading this that means you might like me and if you like me then you want me to be healthier and in shape. Am I Right? bwahahahahahaha
Ok fine whatever so the site only has the eliptical and treadmills on there so if you are so inclined you can see them here... Precor. The treadmills have their own T.V.'s. Sweet!

Family Shoot...
Yesterday I said "Hey, let's do a quick family shoot!" (OMGosh, I kill myself... you HAVE to click on the family shoot link. It's a family of.... can you guess? LOL) Grumble grumble (Shon)... Shut it and let's go outside! (teee hee hee that was me). When I said quick... I didn't mean QUICK. But it was short lived. Managed to get a couple good shots (well more than this but this is what I am sharing).Click on images to see them larger.

The Mess...
And now on to my mess... Mind you it was cleaned spic and span just recently, but when I get in here and start working it just gets crazy! So here's a few pics of where I am when I am working on my bags, jewelry and scrapbooking.Of course I blurred out the new designs on my bags. LOL Can't share yet!
Picked up one of these puppies and LOVE it!
Click on images to see them larger.

What did it ever do to me?
Sorry Blogger... but you and I can't be friends. Can I say how much I dislike Blogger? Grrrrrrr! Seriously tempted to move on to another host. My last blog was on Typepad and I miss it badly. Lot's of little Blogger things I don't like. Hmmmmmm... CRAP!

The whole name change thing...
Oh and yes, I am "VERY" serious about changing my name. I really have wanted to do it for so long. Eak! It's a big step. Kinda wierd huh? My Mom changed her name though and she survived. Wanna know what my husband said? First he said I was crazy, then he said... Well you get to sit at the social security office on your own then. LOL He had to go get Shons replacement SS card and it took 6 hours! LOL Ok, I know I shouldn't laugh, but it's funny.... right?


At 2/19/2008 9:34 AM , Blogger Jen Sue Wild said...

It is always fun getting family pix. My kids will never all smile at once and some of my teenagers thinks it is funny to frown in every shot. We wont even talk about my DH.
It is great to hear that you are doing so well in keeping up on your work outs.
Cant wait to see your new stuff.

At 2/19/2008 10:29 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

such a lovely family!

yeah my craft table is MUCH worse than yours! hahaha so i feel ya. i am tempted to just brush everything to the floor when i need space. lol

can't wait to see the purses!

At 2/19/2008 11:55 AM , Blogger Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Love your family shoot pictures! Glad to hear your workouts are going real good...keep up the good work!

At 2/19/2008 1:49 PM , Blogger just lisa said...

you are soooo entertaining!!! Love your family photos and can't wait to see your new bags!

Thanks for visiting my blog and your very sweet comment!

At 2/19/2008 1:53 PM , Blogger AliciaSharp said...

I so cannot wait to see your new bags. I just love your stuff and I am glad I found you. Love your family pics and I know how hard it is to get them. Guys just do not seem to understand that stuff! Trust me, one day they will be glad to have those pics!

At 2/19/2008 5:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am SO loving the apple bag! It is so dang CUTE! Oh and the family pics are so nice! You are a hot momma!

At 2/19/2008 5:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and that last comment about the apple bag ~ that was me. Sorry. Forgot to leave my name.

Michelle @ AMM.

At 2/19/2008 9:52 PM , Blogger NancyJones said...

OH I have that MM turny thing too aint it coool! MIne has all kinda stuffs shoved in it. THink I wanna paint it but I prolly wont.
Great fam pics chick. least you don't have kids with wonkified half hair cuts in them ::snarl:: your scrap room dont look too bad.. Mine is more like that but turn the table upside down and shake it a few times then take the rest of the stuff and pile it back on the table... Ok well maybe just half of it upside down cuz mine isnt as big hehe.

so what cha changin ya name to? Penelope Penopscotch? Thats my vote giggle!

At 2/19/2008 9:54 PM , Blogger NancyJones said...

OH and BTW this morning in passing the view was on.. and they had this machine that was like a tread mill but was a surf board like thingy IT was sooooo flippin cooool. Id prolly kill myself on it but MAN it looked fun! I could get some cool surf outfits paint some waves in the background.. Ok I think im goin to bed now..

At 2/20/2008 5:54 AM , Blogger Sunnymommie said...

beautiful family pictures!!!!

you really must be busy make purses!!

At 2/20/2008 7:04 AM , Blogger Norma Kennedy said...

Good luck with your baking today and quickly wanted to add your family pics turned out FAB ! Also thanks for sharing your music on my Blog. My son will be picking a winner later today and I will be posting a new AWESOME RAK !~


At 2/20/2008 7:31 AM , Blogger Cathy said...

Ok, so I need to send Alicia back over here to see your Owl purse that is back up for sale.....

Can I just say that your family photo is stunning!!!!???

It clearly looks as though there is no weight issue for you. You are a skinny hot mama!!!

At 2/20/2008 9:55 AM , Blogger Suzy said...

Great family photo! Those purses are adorable!

At 2/20/2008 11:19 AM , Anonymous rachel carlson said...

oh wen, you guys look FABULOUS in the photo, especially you! i think it's because i miss you so much OR you really are making progress with the new regimen - good for you sweety! HUGE hugs, rach lostintheattic.typepad.com

At 2/20/2008 2:00 PM , Anonymous Lyn said...

love your family pics!!
i am wanting one of those white hold-it-alls (nice name for it, huh?) too! cuteness. congrats on your dedication to gym-life! i am jealous! we even bought a treadmill and although DH runs religiously every day, i can only manage a day or two per week! LAAA-ZY!


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