Thursday, February 14, 2008

Whoooo... whoooo... (that's an owl), A new desk... & Aïe je blesse (ouch I hurt)

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So my wee little owls have been a big hit.
That's what I am hearing anyway. :) Good news, I love it! Ok, let's see, where to begin.

I posted this cute bag in my shop last night, have a look see. Isn't she super cute?
Update this morning... it's gone. SOLD!!! I better get working on some more of these today!Click on image to see it larger.
Here's a link to my shop: Sweet Me Designs

Now this little guy I created and am debating on selling these for scrapbooking, what do you think? Would you buy them?Click on image to see it larger.

And now for these... I have been dabbling with paints, colored pencils and watercolors. I just adore these little owls so much that I decided to create a couple prints.
Thinking about selling these too, what do you think? Would you buy these?
Click on image to see it larger.

Click on image to see it larger.

Now, on to the new desk...
I just happened to be checking out the tables and desks at Pottery Barn online and I said, oh I love this desk. Mike said... "oh what does it look like?" I showed him and he's gonna build one for me! :) Yupper... so I need to figure out my dimensions and then we can hit Lowe's for the building supplies. Weeeeeeeee I can't wait! It's this desk...

Aïe je blesse (ouch I hurt)...
I went to workout last night, my Mom couldn't go because she was out playing darts on a league. So my husband came with me as a guest. I had a goal in mind, I was going to warm up on the stair machine thingy... hit the weights (oh and I did), then the treadmill. Wanna know how it went down?That's me this morning saying "Aïe, ma poitrine ma poitrine. Ces condamner pèse m'a tué !"
Translates to "Ouch, my chest my chest. Those damn weights killed me!"

Yup, I did a quick little warm-up on that stair machine. Only 2 minutes, but man I busted it out in those two min. Then I went on to the weights just like the hotty trainer (oy, Bob Harper is freakin' HOT!) taught us. My husband kept trying to talk to me and I kept saying.... Shhhhh, I can't hear you I am busy and listening to my iPod. Yeah I turn that puppy up loud when I am there. It helps me stay focused. Love it! I think I need to create a "Bust it out" playlist on my iPod just for the gym. :) I made it through all the weights even though I had to clinch my teeth a few times. Who the heck do I think I am? She-Ra? I mean seriously, the first 2 sets were no prob. I hit the 3rd set and *BAM* Aïe la Maman (ouch mommy)! But I made it, I made it.

So off to the treadmill. Yeah baby, I rocked it! I did 2.1 miles (doesn't sound like much but I was poopered) starting at an incline of 1.5 and fast walk of 4mph. I did that for about 15 min. Then bumped it up to a run for 2 min, then walked again, then ran again, then walked again, then for the
last 1/10th of a mile I set it at 6.5mph and ran like the wind! Whew... I was tired! Did a little warm down on slow and I was done... cooked... finite! So this morning, I am one sore puppy! Not really everywhere, just in my chest from doing the free weight presses. Snaps! But it sure feels good!

Do you think I can move my tanning addiction over to working out? Bwahahahaha, heck no, who do you think I am? LOL

Ps... When you leave a comment can you please put your email address in the email address line? I love to write back, but I can't if I don't have your email. :) Thanks!!!
So, ALLISON wrote "I can't stop are killing me here. I have been working out obssively for 16 yrs so I know it can get rather addictive. So, have you started doing squats or dead lifts? That will REALLY get the booty in tip top shape...if it doesn't kill you first...hehe. I am on my way now to do legs...damn it!" But I can't write you back! Wahhhhhh Not sure which Allison you are. BUT, oh no, no squats or dead lifts yet. LOL But I will get
there! :) Thanks!


At 2/15/2008 7:41 AM , Blogger Amy W. said...

your too funny, Wendy! i've recently gotten a treadmill and have been workin' my booty off twice daily. i guess i should get our bowflex dusted off and use that thingy chest could use it. haha! your owl's are too cute and i'm sure you would have NO trouble selling them. i wish my daughter would let me decorate her room. :) keep up the creative process and the physical one as well.

At 2/15/2008 8:01 AM , Anonymous Ashley Harris said...

Oh hey when you figure out those dimensions, could you share them with me? Target has something really similar too, but it comes in three parts. The top and then the two storage shelves. I think it comes out to like $600! So yeah. Great space by the way and that owl bag ROCKS!!

At 2/15/2008 8:40 AM , Blogger CC said...

That owl would be cute on scrapbook pages. I also think it would be cute framed in a little girls room.

At 2/15/2008 10:41 AM , Blogger Debbee said...

I love those owls!! I'll definitely be stalking your store now!!! :)

At 2/15/2008 12:47 PM , Blogger Trish said...

Those owls are so cute!

Congrats on getting a new desk built!

One day I will find the desk of my dreams.

At 2/15/2008 2:48 PM , Blogger Shawna said...

That owl is too cute. Love all your owls actually.
Great desk! Dh builds my stuff too for the most part. Love it!

At 2/15/2008 5:10 PM , Blogger TLHarwick said...

Wendy! Those owls are adorable! I need one of those bags!!! so cute! LOL about the working out. I have had intentions and not gotten there so kudos to you! Best of luck with the desk. I know some people who have the Pier One version (which is much cheaper) they may be able to help you with some dimensions! you have my email somewhere if you want them let me know I will go fishing!

At 2/15/2008 5:48 PM , Blogger Cathy said...

owls are cute!

So can an old lady start working out and look like a 20 year old in a few weeks? Can you ask your trainer this. If so, I'm gonna start right away!

At 2/15/2008 7:07 PM , Blogger {monica} said...

I love all the owls...they are so cute and just my favorite thing these days! LOVE the felt owls the precious!!

At 2/15/2008 10:55 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

oh you are on the owl kick too huh?? i LOOOOOVE me some owls...i think i've used owls on all of my scrapbook layouts for like the past few months! haha

big congrats on the selling of the owlie purse! it's way too cute to stay couped up in the shop! hehe i just hope people love my owl keychains as much... :P doesn't it feel good to sell something? i'm checking my email like a feind to see if something has sold... it's an addiction!

anyhoo, have a great weekend, lovely!

At 2/16/2008 1:14 PM , Blogger lisa tilmon said...

Wendy!! My hubby built that exact desk for me...only in black!! Enjoy girly!! :)

At 2/18/2008 12:55 PM , Anonymous Katie said...

OMG!!!!! I so would love to get my hands on one of those owls for my scrapbook!!! We could do those in a kit for the site or something!!!


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