Monday, February 4, 2008

Ahhhh heck... look at this studio! ...

It belongs to Nichol Magouirk: Here's the link.... Rockin' Studio!

Here's a few daily things I just love...
It's my daily face moisturizer and let me tell you... it's THE best $15 I have ever spent on my face. I have used all kinds of stuff for my face and this is killer!!!
Keri Renewal Serum

E.L.F. Super Glossy Lip Shine 15spf in "Pink Kiss". So luscious and it tastes like grape vanilla. AND it's not sticky and gloppy either. AND it's only $1!!! Yes, if you have never bought anything from there you have to check it out. Their makeup brushed freakin' rock too!!!
E.L.F. Cosmetics

This stuff is killer for crazy curly hair! My hair tends to get frizzy no matter what I load up in it for product. This tames it down a bit while still leaving it soft, manageable and separates the curls nicely. Can't live without it!
Big Curly Sexy Hair
This mascara is a MUST! A MUST! It creates the perfect coverage without being clumpy. It separates in a way I have had no mascara do. You HAVE to try it!
Cover Girl Lash Blast


At 2/05/2008 6:57 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

oh you are BAD!! you made me want it all!! especially the dollar lip gloss! one dollar?! madness!! lol well thanks for the tips. next time i'm needing product, i know who to ask =P


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