Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tagitty tag... and lol at this video... check it out...

I got tagged!!! Yup, sweet Jen tagged me, thanks girl!!!

My favorite sites:
**Which btw is totally renovating her site! YAY, can't wait. Stay tuned for that one!
**Yeah, I just love handcrafted stuff! Plus I have my shop there, Sweet Me Designs!
Queen & Co. blog
**Killer inspiration and product!

Challenge Faves:
I don't really have any. Not too big on challenges.

Guilty Pleasures:
Baking - I have a recipe for THE most killer chocolate chip cookies.
I too watch too much television.
My computer - it's very hard to be productive when you get on the computer.

Babysitting fave:
LOL, my kiddo is 15 1/2, no babysitting needed.

Creative Fave:
My KTDT girls, of course. DITTO that one!

Clothing fave:
C7P jeans - they freakin' ROCK!

and so now I tag...
Leslie Ashe
Tawnya Safer
Angela Daniels
Chris Jenkins
Corinne Delis

Ok, now on to the funny video...
Funny video
Mel and Pattye are crazy silly girls! You might remember them from Scrapbook LifeStyle. :) They talk about upcoming classes you can take and projects you can do!!!


At 2/02/2008 10:53 PM , Blogger Sandi said...

WENDY! I'm so glad to have found your new blog! I thought I had lost you. lol

Sandi in FL (bambipei)

At 2/03/2008 7:52 AM , Anonymous Tawnya said...

Hey Girlie!
I am so excited to be tagged! :) Tee Hee! I will do this tag later today :) YEAH.
Hope you are well. Hugs to you!

At 2/04/2008 10:05 AM , Blogger Lisa said...

ooo awesome links!

At 2/04/2008 12:59 PM , Blogger ~Nancy~ said...

Hey there girlie! So glad to have found your new blog!!!! Missed you so much!!! XOXO


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